Hello!  I'm Melissa Collumbell, founder of Learning to Play.  I wanted to share a little bit about myself, my professional experience, and how the two came together to create Learning to Play.
My first love and passion is my family.  I have a wonderful husband, and two super sweet, adorable children! 
I'm also a New York State Certified Special Education Teacher.  I have been an Early Intervention provider for over 13 years - working on ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) teams as a team member,  a team leader, and a family trainer.  I have spent most of my career, teaching toddlers how to learn, speak, and play. 
My family life and my professional life came together one day while I was out at a local community event with my son.  While I was there, I noticed a few children who were struggling.  They were completely included in all the activities - given a maraca, a ball, and bells.  But they just struggled!  They struggled with the sensory  overload of the loud music, the large amount of people in the room, and the fast pace of the instructor.  My heart was broken for them, and for their families.  On that day, I decided that I could take a local community based class and MODIFY it to meet the needs of children with special needs.  I created a class that reduced sensory overload by reducing the number of students per class, lowering the music volume, and allowing parents and children to move at their own pace.  I wanted to create a class where the children and their parents could feel welcomed and comfortable! So I created Learning to Play!